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Rattan Leisure Chair

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Material selection standards & _ process requirements

Material selection criteria: cherry wood

Although the material used is the most expensive North American ding-grade material in the current material market, according to reliable information sources, even if the material standards of some well-known designer brands are much lower than our current grades, the inherent natural characteristics of cherry wood cannot be completely ruled out. , than some black mineral threads, small dark spots or small slip knots

Auxiliary material: Indonesian water vine

(Zhen rattan has been used in the highest grade in the market, and the material supplier even called us "mental" for a time, but Zhen rattan has its natural and inherent characteristics of craftsmanship, such as small burrs, chromatic aberration, and even broken rattan, although it is far better than the general rattan products in the market. There are many, but it cannot be completely ruled out. Do not easily locate it as a defect or defective product. If you mind, shoot carefully! )

Structure: mortise and tenon + hardware structure

Coating: Wood wax oil

Process: whole body grinding

Packaging: disassembly (easy installation, you can do it yourself)

Reminder again:

Although the material selection standards and process requirements are stricter than most physical goods

But we have never hoped nor expected to make works of art

It is just a differentiated popular classic that consumers can afford

If you look carefully, you will definitely find a bunch of problems that are beyond our standards but you think are "defective"

(After a week, we will collect and must read before purchasing to show some comparison charts that are prone to cognitive standard deviations)

As if we are using the real FAS grade top wood, whether there are tree knots

I can answer for sure, yes, but the probability is much lower than that of the market

As stated in the introduction (

about us


It never occurred to me to seek sympathy or pity with any pompous words for any order

We also don't need to go through any sales copy to get any orders

But because of the truth, so trust, so rest assured

We never thought about how big the co-channel person would be.

Just use furniture as a medium to find those who have the same three views of the same frequency.

To avoid unnecessary and ineffective communication

Be sure to read the "must read before purchasing" completely and patiently, and accept it before placing an order